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The Rise and Fall of Phillies First Baseman Ryan Howard


This week’s class at the 

Albert Pujols’ 500-Homer Chase Is A Bore, But That’s Baseball’s Fault


The Steroids Era is considered over, but its lasting negative effects on the way today’s MLB stars are perceived, make Albert Pujols’ “Road to 500” much less anticipated and celebrated than it s

Conference Tournament Preview: A-10 Picks Up Where It Left Off


It's always been difficult to categorize what exactly the A-10 is. They’re mid-major schools, but they’re also a class above the Missouri Valley Conference and maybe even on par with the New Big East’s depth. Despite cramming

From Humble Beginnings: The Journey of Penn Coach Jerome Allen – Part II


This is Part II of the final installment of our series entitled, "Ivy League Hoops: Ahead of the Curve in Coaching Diversity."

Our Game 2: Monte Irvin Is Proof Black Don’t Crack


Monte Irvin, the greatest living Negro Leagues baseball player turned 95 years old today. That name may not resonate with today’s baseball fans, but it should. Irvin is another black barrier-breaker and trendsetter, who used sports as a weapo

The 68 Man March: Top-20 Teams Getting Kimbo Slice’d Left And Right


From the top of the bracket to the bottom of the bubble watch, we break down the final push for placement into the 68-team men’s March Madness tournament.


Must See Black TV…Sorta. But Not Really


2013 was a gold rush for African Americans film and TV. Films produced and direc

Crazy Legs Kaepernick Too Quick for Green Bay Packers


The scene was set for a finish of dramatic proportions on Sunday night as the San Francisco 49ers came in to storied Lambeau Field to face Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. Analysts had said

Yeah, I’m Voting For PED Users In The MLB Hall of Fame


It is, without question, my most-prized possession - the privilege to vote players into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Baseball Writers Association of America members have until today, December 31, to cast their votes on this year's ballot.

Cover 3, Week 14: Rob GronkOW!ski’s Injury May Flatline Brady’s Fourth Super Bowl Dreams


1. Is Rob Gronkowski’s torn ACL the most devastating injury loss any team has been forced to overcome this season?  

JAMES CARR: It's hard to measure the impact of a given injury off the