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Kendrick Lamar And The Awakening Of Rap’s Conscience


And like biting gnats rising from a sun scorched sub-Saharan landscape once the dusk advances, a new season of seemingly nonsensical, celebrity-fueled discourse is stabbing us in our eardrums.

World Star Hip Hop’s Q Explains Why It’s Real in The Field


Since the late 80s, Miami, Florida has been looked at as America’s answer to the French Riviera with its scantily-clad models, chiseled movie stars and bottle-popping celebrities. Pastel colors and speed boats paint our imagination whenever t

Are Calls for Activist Athletes Unfair?


The modern African-American athlete has long been charged with a most difficult task, whose origins date back decades before they were even born. During a time that could easily be considered the Golden Age of activism

TSL BIG DANCE THROWBACK ATTACK: Tourney Titans – Patrick Ewing 


Growing up, as a Bulls fan, I had many reasons to have a great disdain towards No.33, but not for real, for real. Deep down, I wasn't right. The recalcitrance in regards to the 7-foot phenom was in fact child

Kendrick Lamar: The Right Choice for the Grammy’s Album of the Year


History is filled with empires that have fallen from great heights into rubble.  Populations that once were adorned in silks and linens are reduced to wearing rags over the course of time, as foreign invaders now roam their lands and dominate

Dear Dr. King


Dear Dr. King,

Your national day of recognition is upon us. People are already planning their extended weekend as flyers with you adorned in pimp wear and gold chains circulate the Internet. Many of them are funny, but all are disrespe

Dear Professional Black Athlete


Or perhaps I should say, dear brother athlete? You should know you are kindred to your community not simply from a genetic perspective but a socio-economic aspect as well. Do you recall when you were a child playing the game? You most certainly rem



Years ago, DJ Beverly Bond preferred to hide. She’d slip behind turntables, tilting her head low, staring at records while mixing and scratching. Bond never dared to grab the mic. She never wanted to m

Metta World Peace Is Ready To Drop Knowledge On Malice at the Palace


Is anybody sure why Metta World Peace is wasting his time with an NBA career anymore? He's generating more buzz for his off-court exploits than he does for his play anymore. Whether it's his burgeoning comedy career, music enterprises or hi