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Doc Rivers Sees The Clippers As His Exit Strategy


Some people build things with their hands from scratch. Others are more comfortable improving upon the blueprints that have been laid out before them. Coaches like Larry Brown were the former. Phil Jackson and Pat Riley were the latter. You can now

NBA Playoffs Greatest Moments: Barkley Drops A Career-High 56 On The Warriors


During the 1994 NBA playoffs, Charles Barkley scored a career-high 56 points in an inspired performance, leading the Phoenix Suns to a 140-133 victory over the Golden State Warriors and a sweep of their first-round NBA playoff series.


The Admiral Salutes the Clippers with 71 Points


April 24, 1994 - Entering the game trailing Shaquille O'Neal by 33 points in the race for the NBA scoring title, the signature moment of David Robinson’s career took place against the Los Angeles Clippers. Robinson woul

NBA Playoffs Greatest Moments: Russell Dominates Game 7 of ’62 Finals with 40 Boards


April 18, 1962 - The Celtics were seeking their fourth consecutive NBA championship, when they met the Western Division champion Los Angeles Lakers in the 1962 NBA Finals. After falling behind 2-1 and 3-2 in the best-of-seven ser

Lakers Get Backed Into A Corner, Retaliate


The black mamba is one of the most venomous snakes in the world. It has no natural predator and when cornered will strike repeatedly.

Last night, the New Orleans Hornets found themselves in the unenviable position standing over a battere

It’s Not Your Grandpa’s Game Anymore



They are to basketball players like sprinkles are to ice cream sundaes. They define the players that inhibit their places, their spots on the floor. The attributes of who and how a position is filled on the basketball co