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Donald Trump Is Not Down With March Madness


As part of his continued mission to erase anything President Obama has done from the history books, newly elect Prez Trump -- increasingly know to the world as Agent Orange -- has said he will not continue the tradition of filling out a March Madne

Donald Trump Signs Three Troubling Executive Orders 


Wording means absolutely everything when you're in a position of power. This is why demonstrated intelligence and oratory skills had been something of a prerequisite for President of the United States. However, that line of thinking has been thro

Steve Kerr Calls Donald Trump Immigration Ban ‘Horrible Idea’ 


Warriors head coach Steve Kerr has become the latest to speak out against the Donald Trump regime.

After "President" Trump signed an executive order Saturday halting the entry of refugees from seven prominently Muslim countries (Ir

Donald Trump Threatens Chicago With Fed Intervention


The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.- The Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution

Donald Trump is President, But Don’t Fear the Reaper


The death of the Republican Party has been greatly exaggerated.

Months ago, Rep. Keith Ellison, Democratic U.S. Representative for Minnesota's 5th congressional district, told George Stephanopoulos and NYT reporter Maggie Hab

Saturday Night Live Shreds Donald Trump supporters


SNL continues their streak of shredding racism and ignorance, and last night they turned their attention to the race for the Presidency but with the same targets of racism and ignorance.

This went right at Donald Trump's followers and guess w

5 Reasons Why You Will Miss Donald Trump

Educator Jane Elliott has been calling #45, Don-A-Saurus T-Rump. Aside from its innate humor, the label is appropriate in many ways. It signals the archaic...

Ice Cube Engages In Leverage Politics With Donald Trump

Ice Cube has set the world on fire again. The 51-year-old entertainer-businessman-activist has aggressively pushed for a real Contract With Black America (CWBA) over the...

It’s Time For Twitter To Suspend Donald Trump’s Account

Two hundred and seventy-nine characters are all it took for the President of the United States to send many into a state of concern...

The UFC Fully Aligns With Donald Trump

Dana White seems woefully out of touch with Trump support. The UFC took yet another step to define its political position with Donald Trump. And...