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Donald Trump Attacks Sports In 2017


Donald Trump came into office swinging and

Donald Trump Wages War With LaVar Ball, But He’s Cool With Pedophiles


Demagoguery is one of most subversive words in the English language.  Unfortunately, it is also by this method that political pimps have operated since time immortal.  

Donald Trump has used this method to rile his respective politi

Donald Trump Asks The Chinese President To Help LiAngelo Ball


Donald Trump has reportedly asked China's president, Xi Jinping, to help settle the case of LiAngelo Ball and his UCLA  teammates who got caught up in an international shoplifting scandal.

According to a White House spokesman,

Gregg Popovich Calls Donald Trump “A Soulless Coward”


The San Antonio Spurs future Hall of Fame coach Gregg Popovich has been a true and consistent voice when it comes to expressing his disdain for Donald Trump. 

Pop pulls no punches and does not operate in any gray areas as it pertains to

Jerry Jones and Donald Trump Think They Own Black People


In a comedy skit to rival the old Laurel and Hardy black and white offerings, Dallas Cowboys coach Jerry Jones apparently thinks owning a team means owning the players. 

And instead of improving relations between the NF

With So Many Pressing Issues, Donald Trump Tweets About ESPN?


Maybe the United States has gotten so diverse with cultures and ethnicities, and our foreign brothers and sisters coming to make new lives here, that we all forgot some of the basic, fundamental principles and philosophies we live by as Americans.

Jemele Hill Calls Donald Trump A White Supremacist And Is Vilified


ESPNs Jemele Hill, one half of the "SC6" team, has never been one to beat around the bush or mince words when d

Captain America, Donald Trump And The Illusion Of Exceptionalism


For me there has been no greater symbol of American idealism than this character. Not George Washington, not Ben Franklin and not even President Barack H. Obama have inspired my imagination regarding the potential greatness that lies in those trut

Donald Trump Says He Was “The Best Baseball Player In NYC”


Im beginning to see a lot of similarities between Donald Trump and LaVar Ball. They are both celebrity blowhards who are constant subjects of socia

Donald Trump Takes Credit for Colin Kaepernick Hiring Freeze


The pettiness of so-called President Donald J. Trump is bursting out of his faux-tanned face like an exploding port-a-potty. As much as we can't stand the stench or the filth related with the excreta that constantly pours from his mouth, it will i