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Boston Red Sox Legend David Ortiz’s Alleged Drug Kingpin Shooter Arrested | Ortiz Targeted...

Boston Red Sox legend David Ortiz can now rest a little easier. Accused Dominican drug kingpin Cesar Emilio Peralta, linked to the shooting of Ortiz,...

Boston Red Sox Disrespect Black Baseball Again

Once again, MLB's progress and dogged diversity efforts have been impeded by greedy owners and disrespect of elite MLB Black Knights. When's the last...

David Price Leads Boston Red Sox To World Series Title

In less than a month the Black Ace went from being booed off the mound to immortalized in Boston lore.   The ironic beauty of...

A Night Later, Boston Red Sox Fans Applaud Adam Jones


Amazing to see what a new day can do, especially in Boston.

A day after some ignorant Red Sox fans de

Boston Red Sox Are The Baseball Beasts Of The Decade 


The Cardinals could have avoided a lot of trouble and heartache before this MLB 2013 World Series began by reading The Shadow League’s World Series preview. As the old saying goes: “ A hard head leads to a soft butt, “ and St. Lou

Red Sox Owner Buys The Boston Globe


There’s favoritism and cozy relationships, and then there’s the Boston Red Sox buying the Boston Globe.

In a troubling sign of newspaper decline, Red Sox principle owner John Henry purchased the Globe over the weekend f

Aaron Judge Let The Culture Down? | Red Sox Take Win Away From Yankees

Baseball's biggest rivalry extended last night as the Boston Red Sox handily defeated the New York Yankees. The boys in Beantown beat New York 6-2...

MLB “Unfiltered Series” Presents Black Voices In Baseball

MLB's "The Unfiltered Series continues for Black History Month with a poignant conversation titled "Black Voices In Baseball" which includes participation from Michele Meyer-Shipp (MLB Chief People...

Black History Month In Focus: MLB Has Ken Griffey Jr. & All the Bases...

Earlier this week, MLB landed a diversity gem when legendary Black Knight Ken Griffey Jr. was hired as a senior adviser to baseball Commissioner...

The Shadow League Was Inspired By The Negro League’s Fighting Spirit, Underdog Excellence

The Shadow League name was created in the spirit of the Negro Leagues