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Are Black Movies Suffering From Greater Diversity At The Oscars?


"I'm rooting for everybody black"-- Issa Rae

The Oscars are being celebrated for greater diversity, but it has always been about who THEY feel are the best, brightest, most innovative and creative names in

Chadwick Boseman Will Play The Black Panther In Upcoming Marvel Movies


Fans of the comic book hero have been waiting and waiting, and now it's finally here....almost.

Today Marvel announced that Chadwick Boseman will be playing the wildly p

SL Black Music Month | Happy 50th Birthday Tupac !

  Tupac Amaru Shakur aka “2PAC,” who played a key role in the development of hip-hop music, sold over 75 million records, acted in several...

Black Culture Was A Super Power In Zack Snyder’s Justice League

The part of Warner Bros. Pictures that deals with the DC Comics movies has a problem with Black audiences that need to be addressed.

UFC Promotes White Saviorship For Black History Month

The UFC has been attempting to honor Black History Month. Replete with articles, fights featuring Afrikan fighters and video interstitials, the organization which tries to...

DeShuna Spencer’s kweliTV Is The Global Streaming Service Connecting Black Content

Frustrated by tired stereotypes and the lack of diversity in entertainment, a female journalist and filmmaker named DeShuna Spencer created kweliTV to be a...

Beyond The Bull Riding: Getting To Know Black PBR Star Ezekiel Mitchell

If you claim to be a dedicated and knowledgeable crusader for the preservation, elevation and expansion of “Black culture”, then you have to know...

Will Smith As Nicky Barnes Highlights Revival Of Black Crime Films

Despite the rising diversity in African-American filmmaking, Black gangsta movies, documentaries and cable series based on the lives of several early ‘80s-2000's drug kingpins...

From Bad To Worse: Power Ranking James Bond’s Black Villains

The 007 film franchise was cutting edge in employing black actors, but most of the characters they portrayed were God-awful. The James Bond character that...

What Spidey’s Far From Home Trailer Could Mean For Marvel’s Black Heroes

We see you, Miles Morales. With the incredibly revealing spoilers that were littered throughout the ridiculously revealing Spider-Man: Far from Home trailer comes the first...