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“All Facts” | LeBron James, Stephen Jackson React To A Message From Teddy Bridgewater...

Dolphins quarterback Teddy Bridgewater has a message for the athletes of today and tomorrow, and it’s pretty simple; Be real with yourself, and don’t...

“Tired Of Seeing Football Players … Pretend He’s Gangsta” | Dolphins’ QB Teddy Bridgewater...

Miami Dolphins' quarterback Teddy Bridgewater has a message for some of his peers in the NFL. He'd like them to stop portraying "tough guy"...

Teddy Bridgewater Has Denver Broncos In Playoff Hunt| Steady Teddy Keeps Writing One Of...

Teddy Bridgewater continues to be the model of consistency, always producing and never getting the adulation afforded other more flamboyant quarterbacks. The football world has...

Black QB Chronicles: Teddy Bridgewater Brings A Winning Touch To Any Team He Leads

As usual, Teddy Bridgewater was the forgotten quarterback when everyone was throwing praise and adulation around to the 10 Black starters that graced the...

Black QB Chronicles: Teddy Bridgewater Dethrones King Cam In Carolina

In 2018, I wrote a piece supporting Teddy Bridgewater as Jets starter over rookie Sam Darnold. But the Jets wanted to rebuild with Darnold and...

Can The Saints’ Teddy Bridgewater Finally Get His Props?

Last year I wrote a piece about Teddy Bridgewater when he was with the Jets on how the team should let him play and...

Instead Of Using Teddy Bridgewater As Trade Bait, Let Him Play


Sometimes in life, you're given a great thing, but because you're not used to it or don't understand what to do with it, you let it go. We've seen this occur on numerous occasions in sports, where a team doesn't recognize the value of the player an

Teddy Bridgewater Is Smoking Sam Darnold’s Boots In Jets QB Battle


In the immortal words of Wu Tang Clan, Teddy Bridgewater has this message for Jets rookie QB Sam Darnold a

Don’t Dismiss Teddy Bridgewater As Starting QB For The Jets


USC quarterback Sam Darnold's New York Jets arrival has stolen some of the thunder from another great story which is Teddy Bridgewaters 123...16Page 1 of 16