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Roger Goodell Insists That Colin Kaepernick Hasn’t Been Blackballed


When asked on Thursday if Colin Kaepernick was being blackballed due to his decision to kneel during the playing of the National Anthem while protesting police brutality and societal inequities, NFL Commissioner  Roger Goodell said, No, teams

The Hypocrisy Of Roger Goodell’s Weed Stance


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is not feeling the idea of taking marijuana off of the league's list of banned substances. He has no tolerance for the argument that recreational use among NFL players is something to be condoned and accepted.


Roger Goodell Says “It would be an honor” To Hand Tom Brady The Super...


I told you after Tom Brady smashed The Steel Curtain in the AFC Championship that Roger Goodell had no choice but to hop bac

Tom Brady Refused To Be Roger Goodell’s Osama Bin Laden


When Barack Obama's unprecedented tenure is over and history reflects on the country's first African-American POTUS, he wi

Roger Goodell Should Be Fired


This should be enough to end Roger Goodell's tenure as NFL commissioner.

The only thing more embarrassing to the league than Ray Rice winning his appeal from an arbitrator is what the former federal judge had to say about Goodell in sum

Blinded By Power, Roger Goodell’s In The Same Boat As Tone-Deaf Adrian Peterson


Adrian Peterson and Roger Goodell are different ends of the same coin.

There have been multiple, nuanced stages to the Adrian Peterson saga.

When the allegations first emerged, I understood the need for Adrian Peterson to face charg

Roger Goodell Is Becoming The NFL’s Kindergarten Cop


The NFL's crackdown on goalpost dunking was just the beginning. According to NFL M

Richard Sherman Vehemently Opposes Roger Goodell’s N-Word Fooball League


Later this month, NFL owners will meet to discuss and address a litany of hot button topics that affects the NFL's upcoming season. The subject hot enough to melt the cuffs on their tailored jackets will be the N-word. 

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