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The White List: A Collection Of White Athletes That Have Taken A Knee

Everyone needs allies. The conversation around Race Imboden’s decision to kneel on the podium during the Pan American Games last week is still ongoing. The...

Procter & Gamble To Donate $529K To USWNT To Help Close Pay Gap

The Cincinnati-based company, Procter & Gamble has pledged over half a million dollars to help close the pay gap. On Sunday P&G took out a...

USWNT Marches Loudly And Proudly Towards Fourth World Cup

20 years after Brandi Chastain changed the game, the USWNT continues to influence through athletic excellence. The US Women’s National soccer team has won more...

Arizona Governor Rips Nike For “Denigrating” Nation’s History, Because It’s Arizona

Arizona had balked on celebrating MLK Day, so outrage over the Betsy Ross sneakers isn't surprising. The state of Arizona holds a special place in...

Video: U.S. Women’s Soccer Star Jessica McDonald Reunites With Son In France

Who’s cutting onions? Here’s a little feel-good video to get you through the remainder of the week. U.S. women’s soccer forward Jessica McDonald recently shared...

The WNBA Is Deeper Than The Score And Transcends Basketball


As the world continues to evolve and the themes of inclusion and tolerance further influence and shape the professional sports landscape, the

U.S. Soccer Decrees That All Athletes Must Stand For Anthem


Now that the leader of the "Take A Knee" for the anthem movement has decided to acquiesce to the corpor

Colin Kaepernick’s Rebellion Spreads


The dialectic of First Amendment Rights, the National Anthem and Social injustice in America continues to simmer in the headlines amid the digital buzz that is emanating from college football and the brand-new NFL season, which blazes brightly on t

U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Says “Show US The Paper!”


Without the existence of the celebrated U.S. womens soccer team, American pro soccer wouldnt be a blip on our national sports radar. Though very popular at the youth levels and with many non-English speaking Americans, the U.S. is one of the few co

MSNBC’s Joy Reid On Why Trump’s A Failed 80s Villain, The Hypocrisy Of ‘Sticking...

Since Colin Kaepernick took a knee, the terms "stick to sports" and "shut up and play" are often regurgitated by those who are willfully...