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Any Given Saturday: What’s Worse, Grambling Facilities Or Oregon QBs in the NFL?


If it hadn’t been for the team that didn’t play, the biggest piece of news out of the HBCU football ranks would have been Bethune-Cookman’s No. 4 ranking in a college football poll behind Alabama, Florida State and Missouri. Thank

Grambling’s Administration Is To Blame


Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Traditionally, Grambling has been to HBCU football what Notre Dame is to major college football. They were nationally prominent and a brand that resonated with the masses. Under Eddie Robinson, the "G-Men

Grambling’s Players To Return To Practice, Play On Saturday 


As promised, Grambling's players have spoken: They will practice this week and play on Saturday. HBCU Gameday has obtained an email from Grambling's Nate Smith who says the team has decided to return after speaking with former coach Doug Wi

Grambling Football Team Decides Not To Play At Jackson State’s Homecoming


One look at Grambling State's weight room explains why the program that was once led by the winningest coach in college football h

Grambling Reportedly Fires Interim Coach, Players Skip Practice


If it wasn't already, it looks like Grambling's once-proud football program is now in total disarray.

Disgruntled Grambling Players Skip Practice


It's been a long, disappointing season for Grambling football this year, and things appear to be getting worse by the day.

Southern Survives Scare, Hampton Upsets A&T


Saturday challenged a lot of what we thought we knew about HBCU football this season. Teams that were supposed to win either struggled or failed against supposedly inferrior opponents. Check out some of the  highlights.


Any Given Saturday, Week 7: Love Or Money? That’s A Clowney Question, Bro


Week 6 left a nasty taste in the mouths of some as highfalutin coaches began questioning more injury claims than health insurance providers.  At least

Ex-FAMU Coach: Money Games Need To End


A lot has been said and written about "Money Games" over the past few days, including on this website. A few days ago, legendary HBCU coach  William "Billy" Joe took to social media with his thoughts on the subject.

When We Were Kings: 20 Years Ago Howard Crashed NC A&T’s Homecoming Bash In...


On Thursday night, the MEAC will kick off its football season with Howard at North Carolina A&T on ESPN U. Howard's visit to Greensboro coincides with the 20th anniversary of one of the most fabled games in modern HBCU history.