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Fight Preview 7


This weekend offers great options in combat sports with Al Haymons Premier Boxing Champions, HBO Boxing from the Theater at MSG and Cain Velasquez returns to action in Mexico City.


TSL High Heat: Juan Pierre, An MLB Sultan of Swipe, Retires At Age 37


One of MLBs fleet-footed, sultan of swipe is putting his Ferrari gear shift in park and calling it a career.

Outfielder Juan Pierre announced his retirement Friday after a 14-year career in the majors that included hella turf twist

Tony Romo’s Never Been a Lucky Playoff QB Until The NFL Played Leprechaun



The NFL is really bugging. Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh stepped on Aaron Rogers, but it was hardly malicious and it wasn’t a stomp or an aggressive lean even. There’s a chan

Suh’s Possible Exit From Detroit A Sad One


It's only fitting that Ndamukong Suh's potential last game with the Detroit Lions will be in street clothes, not in uniform.

Suh, the star defensive tackle, was suspended by the NFL on Monday.

Suh deserved it. His action - a

Atlanta’s Chosen Son Can Chill As A Member Of Loaded St. Louis Cardinals 



On this date in 2000, Itchiro Suzuki left the friendly confines of Japan and signed a three-year, $14 million deal with the Seattle Mariners. Itchiro was a beast in Japan, but America's lack of respe

Marvel and DC Comic’s Content Warfare Heating Up on TV and in Film


The battle for cinematic supremacy in the comic book world has been in full swing since 2004, and recent announcements regarding both DC and Marvel comic book properties being prepped for the small screen and the silve

Johnny Cueto Goes Luis Tiant on MLB


A professional baseball player’s lasting appeal and historical impact is largely determined by his production on the field, but just as memorable for some fans is the manner in which a player conducts his busines

NBA Champ Stephen Jackson, “AKA” Rapper Stak5, Breaks Down Why The NBA Is “Soft. Watered Down. Commercial.”


Rapper Stak5 is the godfather of Secret Society Entertainment, but he’s more infamously known as Stephen Jackson—the NBA’s Kamikaze kid with the wet jump

The Lie of Peyton Manning


Sports are a fantasy of sorts. Fans of players and teams dream of success as if they themselves celebrate under post game confetti rain. The Super Bowl is the standard because it's watched by casual fans of the NFL and sports in gener

Justin Tucker May Have Kicked Detroit Out Of The Playoffs


DETROIT - It was a kick that most won't ever forget.

It's a rare sight to see a monster kick to win an NFL game at the end, but that's exactly what happened on Monday Night Football.

Justin Tucker's