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Jordan Brand Classic Recap


On Friday evening, the East and West squads at the 2014 Jordan Brand Classic All-American Game, whose rosters were comprised of the country’s top-tier, elite high school prospects in the senior class, combined to put up 305 points in 40 minut

Dear Dr. King


Dear Dr. King,

Your national day of recognition is upon us. People are already planning their extended weekend as flyers with you adorned in pimp wear and gold chains circulate the Internet. Many of them are funny, but all are disrespe

Good Morning: Tom Brady Is Still Peyton Manning’s Daddy


The New England Patriots lost fumbles on their first three possessions of the game and went down 24-0 by halftime. Denver then turned t their running game, racking up 280 yards on the ground, with 227 courtesy of Knowshon Moreno. But it wasn't

Any Given Saturday, Week 11: Under Richie Incognito Rules, Stanford Is An Honorary HBCU


Win or lose, Jonathan Martin will have a much more positive Thursday night viewing experience than he did last week. Last Thursday, Martin watched from South Florida as the Dolphins upset the Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday Night Football.


The Incomplete Book On Sam Bradford


After two pedestrian performances by Colin Kaepernick, the narrative in San Francisco began shifting away from glowing praise for the zone-read pistol option trigger man and towards regret over trading Alex Smith. With success comes excessive criti

Seattle’s Secondary Is Bumping That Yeezus: “I Am A God”


The various option schemes (read, spread and pistol) that have castrated the NFL defensively with the likes of RG3, Russell Wilson and

While You Were Working: Peyton Manning And the Broncos Got Punked By The NFL


Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos are irritated with the

Kevin Ware’s Injury Might Be A Career-Ender, So Let’s Talk About Pay-For-Play


Louisville Cardinals guard Kevin Ware's leg snapped and was wreck-city after he jumped to defend a 3-pointer in the Elite Eight game against the Duke Blue Devils.


An Open Letter To Rick Ross And The Gangster Disciples, by Kevin Powell



I write this open letter with a great deal of sadness in my heart, and a great deal of concern for you, my brothers, my Black brothers.