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Cam Newton Gets Vaccinated In Hopes Of NFL Return

As the NFL season continues, sidelined former star QB Cam Newton is still campaigning to return to the gridiron. "Superman" published a nearly six-minute video...

Cam Newton Says Patriots Release Was A “Surprise” | Father Supplies The Barbershop Opinion

The NFL season is back without one of its stars, Cam Newton. Ironically, the former New England QB revealed his feelings in depth. The free-agent...

Cam Newton Refuses To Quit | Patriots Make Decision For Him

Today the inevitable happened. The New England Patriots released veteran Cam Newton and offically ushered in the Mac Jones era, naming the quarterback the...

Black QB Chronicles: Cam Newton Is Waiting For Your Apology Because He’s Still Elite

Russell Wilson threw for 288 yards and 5 TDs in the Seattle Seahawks 35-30 win over the New England Patriots, but that wasn't the...

Black QB Chronicles: 5 Reasons Why Cam Newton Leads Patriots To NFL Playoffs 

Belichick Is A Mastermind At Talent Evaluation & Placement Bill Belichick knows how to deal with talent. Cam Newton still has enough of...

No Cap: Chargers HC Anthony Lynn Will Regret Not Signing Cam Newton 

Some people pick very strange hills to die on. This is a pivotal season for Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn, who is coming off...

The Cam Newton Era Is Probably Over In Carolina

Three years ago I wrote an article about Cam Newton and Andrew Luck being damaged goods. Players whose superstar skills and impactful careers were...

Black Quarterback Chronicles: LJ Is Who We Thought Cam Newton Was

When Cam Newton said that he was something the NFL had never seen, while the statement oozed with self-indulgence and ego and lacked in...

WATCH: Cam Newton Sets Guinness World Records With Mr. Beast

All football fans know Panthers' QB, Cam Newton. The national champion from Auburn has been at the helm for the Panthers since 2011. He's a...

Cam Newton Is Bringing A New Throwing Motion To Minicamp

Cam changes his throwing motion rather than his running style. Cam Newton has been a compromised version of himself while battling through multiple injuries in...