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The Brooklyn Nets Are Crazy Ass Crooklyn Kids


Once a vivrant home of glimmering hope in the eyes of enthusiastic fans and great expectations that served as an escape from their torturous existence in

The Brooklyn Nets Are Desperate


All that trash talk from the summer about becoming New York City's team has disappeared from Brooklyn--though to be fair, there isn't much noise coming out of Manhattan, either.

The Nets and all their new parts stumbled out of the b

Brooklyn Nets Catch The Miami Heat Slippin’  In Home Opener


Either the Miami Heat are still on vacation, or rumors about BK closing the gap in the NBA’s Eastern Conference isn’t just the NY hype-machine flexing. On Friday night, the

The Brooklyn Nets Think Third Time’s The Charm With KG


The Brooklyn Nets just won't give up on dressing Kevin Garnett in solid black and white Garnett Brooklyn uniforms to sherpa them to a championship summit. Last summer, the Nets pursued Garnett in free agency and leading up to the last trade dea

The Brooklyn Nets Go For The Gusto With Jason Kidd Hire


Jason Kidd has always been swift with the rock and he’s staying true to form, quickly landing a job as head coach of the Brooklyn Nets<

Should Jason Kidd Fill The Brooklyn Nets Vacant Head Coaching Position?


I always believed that if Jason Kidd returned to fulfill the final two years of his Knicks contract, he’d eventually be demoted to a quasi-assistant coach/player position. His retirement squashes those plans. However, New York Daily News<

Please Have Several Seats: The Brooklyn Nets Head Coaching Search


Lionel Hollins has done a magnificent job turning the Memphis Grizzlies into potential Western Conference champions in 2013. Notably, he’s transformed Zach Randolph from a black hole offensively to an efficient, focused scorer who doesn&rsquo

Chicago Bulls Bobbed, Weaved And Stuck The Brooklyn Nets With A Knockout Blow


The battered and bruised Chicago Bulls were supposed to take a first round TKO. The Brooklyn Nets began their first round bout with homecourt advantage and a roster that was healthier than it had be all season. Thibodeau's roster has taken mo

It’s An NY Knicks City And The Brooklyn Nets Are Just Living In It


There had never been buildup to a franchise's relocation in NBA history like the New Jersey Nets’ decade-long slow drift to New Jersey. When Russian billionaire Mikhael Prokhorov brought the franchise,

TSL Co-Sign: Adidas X Brooklyn Nets All In Collection


When you think of adidas, it’s likely that you don’t think of luxury. Not that the three stripes isn’t classy, but you obviously think sports or Olympics first. You don’t associate adidas with being a luxury brand, per se