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Comic Book Convo: Spider-Men II Review of Issues 1 & 2


Peter Parker and Miles Morales team up once again in the long-awaited Spider-Men II mini-series. Written by Brian Michael Bendis, with beautiful artwork and colors by Sara Pichelli and Justin Ponsor respectively, the cover of issue one asks the que

TSL Comic Book Convo: Civil War II #7


Back in June, The Shadow League published my review of Marvel's Civil War II. Written by Brian Michael Bendis with artwork from David Marquez and Justin Ponder, it was apparent from that first issue that this was going to be one of those sequels t

TSL Comic Book Review: Civil War II


Anybody who knows anything can tell you that Brian Michael Bendis is one of the hottest writers in comic books these days. Because of that, as well as the success of Captain America: Civil War and the 2006 Marvel Comics offering that inspired it -

Robert Downey Jr’s Ready For Ironheart’s MCU Debut

Stark's genius comic book protege gets a real-life co-sign. When it comes to Robert Downey Jr, the level of cool he exuded before and prior...

The Top Culture-Shifting Black Films Of 2018

2018 was the best year in Black movie history from a revenue perspective, and that's likely because black folks are being allowed to tell...

Director Peter Ramsey On Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Director Peter Ramsey discusses why Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is so thematically Black.  Spider-Man is easily in the top three of any list of the...

TSL Comic Book Convo: Invincible Iron Man #1


As has been mentioned multiple times in TSL Comic Book Convo, Riri Williams is now Iron Man and Invincible Iron Man #1 picks up with Riri aka Iron Heart fighting her first superpowered villain.

First off, the writi

TSL Comic Book Convo: Iron Man To Become Iron Wo-Man!


"Sisters are doing it for themselves..." - Aretha Franklin

Rejoice nerds! Today is New Comic Book Day, but the topic that's lighting the blogosphere on fire is the announcement that everyone's favorite comic book playboy,

These Are The Five Stories We Want For Netflix’s ‘Luke Cage’


Still hyped from all the news pegged to Thor: Ragnarok, Spider-Man: Homecoming and the fallout from Captain America: Civil War?

We sure are!

With Marvels cinematic and television properties in full swing, the antic

TSL Comic Book Convo Presents: The Top 20 Illest Black Superheroes of All-Time (The...


We return with the final installment of our recent series of the Top 20 Illest Black Superheroes of All-Time with the final ten choices (in case you missed it, here are 12Page 1 of 2