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Kendrick Lamar: The Right Choice for the Grammy’s Album of the Year


History is filled with empires that have fallen from great heights into rubble.  Populations that once were adorned in silks and linens are reduced to wearing rags over the course of time, as foreign invaders now roam their lands and dominate

SCREEN TIME: Kevin Grevioux


Actor/writer Kevin Grevioux (pronounced “Gree-vee-us”) sounds like a werewolf. Just like the one he played in Underworld, when he speaks you’ll hear a howling, growl to his voice. It comes out in the tone

Northern Illinois Reached Their BCS Impasse


The years between 2006 and 2013 were the glory years of the non-BCS. It was like being a Saturday Night Live cast member in the ‘80s. The stars were becoming film icons, the show was a cultural phenomenon, and the cast was constantl

The NFL’s Invisible Men 


For years, the sports world bitched and moaned about the NFL’s lack of black QBs. These days the argument is mostly concerning the NFL’s 

We Reminisce: Looking Back 20 Years on Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)


(Twenty years after the release of Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), emeritus editor Vince Thomas got some friends to help him remember that landmark moment in time.)

Starting with A Tribe Called Quest’s “Scenar

The Miami Dolphins Need A Culture Change, And It Starts At The Top


There's only one way for this Miami Dolphins' harassment scandal to end, and it won't be pretty.

Both general manager Jeff Ireland and coach Joe Philbin must go.

It's not harsh, it's the reality of this mess

Here Lies Teddy Bridgewater’s Heisman Candidacy


Teddy Bridgewater’s Heisman candidacy was born Jan. 2, 2013 against the Florida Gators defense inside the Mercedez-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. It was an unexpected delivery, but on that night a gloved Bridgewater gave the Gators heralded d

Any Given Saturday Recap: Lane Kiffin Exited Stage Left



Alabama’s victory over Ole Miss started out the same as many of their others against outmatched conference foes have. A 9-0 lead to end the first half followed by a 17-0 shutout in the second half.

Please Have Several Seats: Greg Schiano 


As the rookie coach of a talented Tampa Bay Bucs squad, Greg Schiano was serviceable in 2012. Going 7-9 is a safe way to in

Any Given Saturday: TSL’s Extra-Mega College Football Preview


On Tuesday, GQ published a piece that gave rare insight behind the snarl and into the world of Nick Saban. It attempted to counter the prevailing perception of the hot-blooded coach known by his professional peers as “the devil.”