Roger Mason Jr. Out As Big3 Commish After Allegedly Jacking The League

After a successful launch of the Big3 Basketball Tournament last year, fans were looking forward to a second season and more players wanted in.

Players such as Amar’e Stoudemire, Metta World Peace, Baron Davis, Nate Robinson and Quenton Richardson have all joined the league, and even Lamar Odom has stated his interest in being a part of the second season, so things were looking for Ice Cube and his squad at the Big3.

But today was not such a good day for Cube and the league as TMZ is reporting that Commissioner Roger Mason Jr. has been fired due to allegations of corruption and money jacking. 

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Roger Mason Fired As BIG3 Commissioner, Ice Cube Replaces Him

Players, coaches and staff were notified about the action in a letter obtained by TMZ:  

“We are writing to inform you of the decision by the BIG3 to terminate the employment of Roger Mason Jr. for cause under the terms of his employment agreement with the league.”

The letter went on to detail an investigation into instances of corruption involving Mason and two Qatatri investors, Ayman Sabi and Ahmed Al-Rumaihi. The pair allegedly stiffed the BIG3 out of millions, with evidence demonstrating that they were bestowing lavish gifts and trips to league staff while refusing to pay the league. Instead of siding with the league as its commissioner and cooperating in the investigation, Mason refused to take part, thus raising red flags into his relationship with the investors and increasing the speculation that he was part of the corruption and recipient of these benefits.

In the interim, Ice Cube steps into the role of Commissioner until a new one is found. The league begins play on June 22nd in Houston. 

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BIG3Season2 kicks off on June 22nd in Houston! Where will you see the BIG3 during Season 2?

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