Rockets Follow Up 73-Point First Half With 19 In Second

Thursday night was a strange one for the NBA. Houston's 41st game of the season means they are officially at the halfway mile marker of the NBA season. If it's anything like Thursday night's second half against Oklahoma City they'll sleepwalk their way out of the Western Conference playoffs.

At halftime of TNT's doubleheader, the Houston Rockets weren't just steamrolling the Oklahoma City Thunder, they had scored 73 first half points and made 12 three-pointers. In an extraordinarily mediocre second half performance, the Rockets scored just 19 points and missed all 14 of their attempts from behind the arc. It was the epitome of live by the three, die by the three. They went MC Hammer-style bankrupt from the field in the second half and Dwight Howard scored just 11 points in the contest just to prove how much his muscles shrink against potential playoff foes.

Perhaps this was just an aberration. However, the Rockets have some explaining to do. The 54-point scoring disparity between their first half and second was the largest in league history.

The Rockets Twitter account issued a painfully self-deprecating tweet after the loss.

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