Robert Griffin III’s Dad Needs To Step Back

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to protect your son from harm and keeping him on track to fulfill his potential, but RG3’s dad is treading on stage-father territory.

Dave Sheinin's Washington Post story from Wednesday include details about RG3’s father having regular conversations with Mike Shanahan about the offense, but the most worrisome development of this offseason has been RGII getting too chatty with the media.

At least, Archie Manning relinquished the reins on Eli’s career after he engineered his trade to New York on Draft Day. Maybe he thinks his son needs him to counter the Kyle and Mike Shanahan duo. It’s year two and RGII is getting even bolder.

The Washington Post has the details

“I just know that based on what I know Robert can do, he doesn’t have to be a runner as much as I saw last year,” Robert Griffin Jr. said. “To me, you’re paying these [receivers] a lot of money to catch the football. I’m his dad — I want him throwing that football, a lot. A lot.”

He’s absolutely correct about Shanahan scaling back the running portion of the offense and getting RG3 more comfortable passing from the pocket, but there are better ways to communicate that. That’s what he has agent Ben Droga for. Step back, pops.

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