Rice University Band Becomes The Punchline Of Its Own Joke

The Rice band must have called itself being humorous when members donned autographed Johnny Manziel t-shirts at the season opener against Texas A&M. We all get the joke. Manziel had been under investigation for supposedly getting paid for his own signature, and the aimless pursuit for the money trail led to a half game suspension for the Heisman Trophy winner. 

All it meant was that Rice had two quarters of opportunity to make a real impression on the newest SEC team that took the league by storm last year. To the Owls credit, they did go up 14-7 early in the ball game, before reality set in and the Aggies were ahead in no time. 

Then Manziel got in the game and threw for three touchdowns on just eight pass attempts. Make a t-shirt for that.

The Rice band gesture was supposed to be funny, but it doesn't make much sense to do this knowing full well that your football team is the inferior one, and that Manziel's half game suspension was inconsequential.

This is why none of the cool kids from Houston end up at Rice.