Replacement Refs Were Better Than Congress

NFL replacement refs may have been terrible at their job but at least they didn’t near take the country off the financial cliff. Replacement officials were a terrible idea and were ridiculed after the horrible touchdown call that wasn’t in the Packers versus Seahawks game early in the season. However, they weren’t as detrimental to the NFL as Americans believe Congress is to the USA.

A poll from Pubic Policy Polling took a survey, and one of the questions was “Who do you have a higher opinion of: Congress or NFL replacement refs?”

The vote was resoundingly in the favor of the replacement refs who won 56 percent of the vote. Congress was only able to garner 29 percent.

The only positive for Congress is that they were able to slightly edge out telemarketers, lobbyists, Ebola virus and Kardashians. You wouldn’t want to lose to Kim K, or Lindsay Lohan for that matter.

As bad as it the approval rating was, you have to keep in mind we’re just coming off the fiscal cliff debacle and the regular refs are back. I’m curious to see how this poll would’ve gone three months ago. But, as of now, Congress sucks.

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