Red Sox Need To Get Back On Their Grind

Don't look now, but the Red Sox turned into losers of six of their last 10 and now find themselves in a tie for first with the Rays. It's hard to say where this team is going to end up in the American League standings, whether it's at the top of the East division, or just barely clinging on to one of those Wild Card spots. 

For most of the season, this has looked like perhaps the best team in baseball, following a nightmare of a season with Bobby Valentine as skipper, which only happened because of the epic collapse in 2011 that led to Terry Francona's firing. 

And here we are again, with these clowns throwing at A-Rod on a Sunday night game for no good reason. It might've been more important for the Sox to actually win that game, which they didn't. And A-Rod spurred the Yankees comeback with an emphatic solo shot to centerfield, after the Sox took a three-run lead into the sixth inning. Some people might call it justice.

Here's a look at how Boston lost its most recent game against the San Francisco Giants, on a controversial walkoff walk for the ages. 

Basically, that was a ball that could've been called a strike, and a strike that could've been called a ball. And the Red Sox are on their way to being the team that could've won the AL East.