Reactions To University Of Oklahoma’s SAE Chapter’s Racist Chant  

This type of racist behavior will not be tolerated and is not consistent with the values and morals of our fraternity. We have more than 15,000 collegiate members across the nation, and this incident should not reflect on other brothers because this type of hateful action is not what Sigma Alpha Epsilon stands for. This is absolutely not who we are.

That was the statement from Sigma Alpha Epsilon national headquarters on the suspension of its University of Oklahoma chapter after a racist video surfaced. 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon, we dont believe you.  Dont bother bringing us more people. We wont believe them either.

Im not sure how much the national leadership or the members of SAE know about black culture (given the video Ill assume not much) but one thing they should be aware of is that black folks have a strong, vibrant culture of Greek-letter organizations that stretch back a century. Those organizations were founded because of exactly the sentiment in that video, which allegedly shows SAE members expressing their displeasure with the idea of niggers in their fraternity.

Were not new to that idea, so black folks started their own fraternities and sororities, thank you very much. And because so many of us are Divine Nine members (I am not), black folks know a thing or two about Greek life. We know that every fraternity is steeped in tradition and ritual; that they all have principles as old as the organizations themselves. Chants like “There will never be a nigger SAE,” aren’t written overnight. They dont spontaneously break out on bus trips in 2015 when theyd never been sung before. They’ve existed in the past.

Only this time, they got caught.

And we’re not alone in our disgust over the ignorant, racist, foolish actions of your members:

Now we’ll have to sit back and watch the usual wave of statements from both those on the bus who were straight up caught participating in the song and their families. “We’re embarrassed and disgusted at our own behavior”, “We’ll take some time to reflect on our actions and work to get through this and emerge as a better person”, “Those words and actions don’t reflect who I am as a person” “My family and I are embarrassed at the actions of our son. We didn’t raise him like this and we ask that you respect our privacy as we deal with this as a family” and the all-time obligatory, saving face, PR statement “I’m not a racist. I have black friends.”

So youll have to forgive us, SAE (and we dont care if you dont) if were not buying your explanation. Just dont be surprised when you find out the athletes and coaches at Oklahoma, black and white, arent so forgiving. Here’s what they think about you.

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