RB Brian Robinson Plays In First NFL Game 6 Weeks After Being Shot | “Many Men,” Including 50 Cent, React On Social Media

Washington Commanders rookie running back Brian Robinson sprinted out of the players tunnel at FedEx Field a mere six weeks after being shot twice in an attempted carjacking/robbery. Someone on the internet, maybe a Commanders fan, edited the video with 50 Cent’s “Many Men” playing over the intro. It would’ve been great if the whole stadium heard that.

The original video was posted by Twitter user @Breeze_BnG and has since been picked up by Complex and other websites. Many believe the song was actually playing in the stadium. But this ESPN recording suggests otherwise.

Whoever made the video with the 50 song was clever.

“Many Men” is of course a single from 50’s debut studio album “Get Rich or Die Tryin’.” The track deals with 50’s near-death experiences, including the infamous 2000 incident where he was shot nine times.

What’s that thing about life imitating art or vice versa?

“That was one of those remarkable feelings,” Robinson said after Washington’s 21-17 loss to the Tennessee Titans on Sunday. “I can’t even really explain it.”

Back in August Robinson suffered gunshot wounds to his lower extremities and was found by police in the 1000 block of H Street, NE, in the district. He required surgery and was placed on the non-football injury list by the Commanders. He did not suffer any structural damage to his knee, which aided a speedy recovery.

Head coach Ron Rivera visited Robinson in the hospital immediately after he was shot.

Robinson was drafted in the third round out of Alabama.

The attempted carjacking/robbery could’ve ended his life. There was a gun involved. Anytime there is a firearm present, death is on the table.

According to Gun Violence Archive 34,508 people have died as a result of gun violence in 2022. 30,863 people have been injured due to gun violence this year as well.

Robinson probably feels he cheated death in some way and an experience like that, while traumatizing, can also provide a new perspective and conviction of spirit with which to strive for your goals.

“I feel good, man,” he said. “It’s just being back out on the field. I mean, the ups and downs, but today everything finally came into the light. I’m just so blessed to be back out there with all the fans, the team, everybody involved.”

Robinson had nine carries for 22 yards in the loss but that was secondary. The story is that he’s back on the field playing and now that he’s gotten over this hurdle, hopefully he has everything in place on and off the field to have a productive remainder of his rookie season.

50 posted messages of support to Robinson on his official Instagram and Twitter pages.

“That sh-t ain’t stop nothing, 👀when God has bigger plans it’s just a bump in the road. @b.robinson_4 right back in action,” the caption read.

Finally playing in your first NFL game, someone on the internet adds in a classic 50 track to the intro, and the multi-platinum rapper mogul shouts you out. Sunday was a good day for Brian Robinson.

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