Rajon Rondo Ain’t About That Miami Heat Life

Just because Ray Allen's decision to join the Miami Heat, instead of staying with the geriatric Boston Celtics in last year's free agent period turned out to be a good basketball decision, doesn't mean his former teammate Rajon Rondo is exactly impressed

The Celtics point guard told a crowd in Kentucky that he would never play for the Heat, which could've been his presumed stance on that given the way the Celtics viewed Allen for making the move. 

Rondo and Allen's rifts has also been well-documented.

It's still a bit early for Rondo to call out the particular teams he won't play for. Nothing's happening in Boston for a while, so all of the league's contenders need to be an option for him in a practical sense. Miami doesn't have a point guard on its roster that could hold Rondo's shoes, and it's not even a sure thing that this team is going to always look the way it did when the Celtics-Heat rivalry began. 

Rondo wasn't playing it up for the crowd, though. He's serious, but might want to smarten up on this one. 


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