Racial Insensitivity From Fighters In The UFC Hitting A High

There is a new generation of MMA fighters in the UFC that have blurred the lines of decency.

Conor McGregor insulted the Muslim faith of former opponent Khabib Nurmagomedov, calling his wife a “towel” for wearing a hijab. Then MAGA hat-wearing Colby Covington called Brazilians “filthy animals”.

Now, “Platinum” Mike Perry has continued to stir the pot with his frequent usage of the N-word. Having done so with former champion Tyron Woodley, now Perry took to Twitter and came for actor Michael Jai White.

White responded in a classic drop the mic salvo.

Then Perry, a habitual line stepper, crossed the line again.

Perry loves the danger involved in acting street and claims the word is indicative of his environment. However, when freely using racially charged words to communicate with persons of color over social media, there is a problem.

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UFC Bantamweight and Flyweight division champion, Henry Cejudo recently called potential competitor, Aljamain Sterling a racial slur.

Cejudo referred to the Serra-Longo team product as “Aljamima”.

In an attempt to roast his competitor, who is seeking a title shot, Cejudo made a degrading comment instead. However, Cejudo is just the latest in a now all to common trend.

UFC Broadcaster Karyn Bryant reprimanded the champ-champ for the racial slur and was slammed by the Twitter trolls.

A Culture In Need Of Refinement

Like other professional sports leagues, the UFC has a Code of Conduct. In it, racially charged language is a definite no-no.

“Derogatory or offensive conduct, including without limitation insulting language, symbols, or actions about a person’s ethnic background, heritage, color, race, national origin, age, religion, disability, gender or sexual orientation.”

Until the UFC chin checks its fighters for their indiscretions, we can only expect more shenanigans from the UFC’s new wave of “trash-talkers”.

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