Pritty Left Hook

PRITTY Left Hook: Richard “The Destroyer” Hall

The Jamaican born boxer puts on for Jam-Rock.

Image Credit: Bryon Summers

Richard Hall is a survivor.


From the picturesque beaches of Negril, Jamaica, Hall from a young age had trouble with the law. The island life can be both aesthetically ideal and crushing all at the same time for its athletes with dreams that stretch farther than the island’s borders.

Hall was born in 1971 in Kingston, Jamaica. After moving to the U.S., Richard turned pro in 1993. He fought as a light heavyweight his entire career. “The Destroyer” knocked out his first 8 opponents and was 17-0 with 16 knockouts.

He boxed during the late nineties to 2013 and donned the name “The Destroyer” decades before current Heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz, Jr. would make it popular.

We caught up with the current Floridian to discuss his past as the WBA light heavyweight champion, the realities of growing up in Jamaica and if Andy Ruiz, Jr., is doing his nickname justice.


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