President Obama Hops Back On The Jobs Issue

For the first time since his re-election, President Obama's jobs issue has returned to the forefront. Now that the gun debate has been shelved for the moment and there's a lull between debating over the immigration bill, Obama has gotten back to his primary initiative. Today Obama is in Austin, Texas, a growing jobs center, to discuss jobs training, wages and how he'll address the unemployment rate. Unemployment is at a four-low, but for struggling Americans better isn't good enough.

Via Associated Press:

The series of field trips Obama begins Thursday marks an attempt by the president to remind the public that he hasn't forgotten about the issue that concerns them the most: the economy and jobs. The outing also comes amid questions about whether the second-term president has enough sway to get his agenda through a divided Congress before attention turns to the November 2014 midterm elections.

Since his second inauguration, Obama has lost a bid to expand background checks for gun buyers and was similarly unsuccessful at getting lawmakers to undo the spending cuts. On Thursday, the Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to begin considering and voting on scores of proposed changes to the immigration bill, which is facing opposition from conservatives, religious leaders and others.

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