“Take It Down”: Teacher’s Tribute To Kap Removed By School

“The school district cracked under pressure.”

In 2019, Black History Month seemed to be filled with more drama and frustration than celebration.

We witnessed Jussie Smollett incite a media frenzy, a Black individual being used as a prop in a congressional hearing, pro-Confederate groups march through the campus of Ole Miss, Colin Kaepernick being deemed too controversial by the Wisconsin GOP to be included in a Black History Month celebration and a Virginia elementary school conduct a runaway slave game.

To end the month with more disappointment, one North Carolina school district decided to add their contribution to the mix.

A teacher at Port Smith High School in Charlotte created a tribute to Colin Kaepernick and hung it up on a classroom door. Well, some parents weren’t happy with the image and voiced their complaints to the school district. In response, the school district instructed the teacher to remove the art work.

Jaidyn Etheart on Twitter

once again, racism being justified . one of the teachers at our school put up a Colin Kaepernick door peice FOR black history month, and the school claimed it was “offensive” and she was forced to take it down. https://t.co/nX7XhpV0wE

“We’re getting parents complaining to everybody and we said we had to put an end to it,” said Charlotte County school district spokesman Mike Riley. “It was a lose-lose situation for us.”

Sounds like it was more of a win-win for those who aren’t a focus of Black History Month and their played out, false excuses they give around Kap.

“Don’t disrespect the anthem.”

“If you want to protest, do it on your own time.”

“The Flag should be respected.”

“It’s disrespectful to those who fought and died for our country.”

More false narratives being spread, and believed, by those who aren’t the ones benefiting from the fight that Kap continues to put forth.

While it’s a damn shame that this teacher was ordered to remove the Kap tribute, it’s an even bigger shame that some Black History Month celebrations are being dictated by those who don’t have to live it every day.

Hopefully that will change, which is just one of the things that Kap is fighting for.

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