Police Union Urges Members To Boycott Dolphins For Protests

A South Florida police union urged their members to boycott the Miami Dolphins after several players protested during a preseason game.

Dolphins receivers Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson knelt, while defensive end Robert Quinn raised his fist during the national anthem.

Following their game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Broward County Police Benevolent Association called on its union members and police officers in nearby counties to boycott ticket, merchandise and product sales from the team and the NFL.

Its a slap in the face, Broward County Police Benevolent Association Vice President Rod Skirvin told the Miami Herald on Saturday. We have a lot of police officers in the county who are ex-military. Its not just a slap in the face to our military past, and present but to all law enforcement officers across the country. As long as the protest continues, we will protest our attendance at the Dolphins games and continue to stay away from the NFL and its products.

Several NFL players have made it clear that the protests aren’t against the military or the flag. But, some people still choose to ignore this. Green Bay Packers’ QB Aaron Rodgers made the distinction clear last week.

I dont know how many times we can say, as a player and as a group, how much we love and support and appreciate the troops, and the opportunities this country allows us, he said. But this is about equality and something bigger than ourselves, and bringing people together, and love and connectedness and equality and social justice, and putting a light on people who deserve to have the attention for their causes and their difficult situations that theyre in. You know, people have their opinion you shouldnt do it during the anthem, you shouldnt do it during this thats fine. But lets not take away from what the real issue is.

No matter what rules owners impose on these players, it’s not stopping some of them. And if they want to find a middle-ground with the NFLPA before the league’s season opener, they better get on it.

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