Points On The Board: The Eboni K. Williams Episode

Attorney, TV host and Charlotte native Eboni K Williams stopped by the Shadow League office to put some points on the board.

Points On The Board is a podcast where managing editor, Kyle Harvey, Shadow League contributors, and guests break down the top stories from sports, culture and more.

You’ve seen her on Fox News, Fox Sports, The Breakfast Club and more but attorney, TV host and Charlotte native Eboni K. Williams stopped by the Shadow League office to put some points on the board.

The multi-hyphenated Williams’ career lives between the intersections of sports, race, and culture.

With nothing off limits we cover:

Super Bowl fallout, ICE, #21Savage and knowing your rights

Eboni’s childhood, Old Charlotte Hornets Vs New Charlotte, #NBAAllStar weekend in the QC.


Breaking point at #FoxNews, time in conservative media, transition into Fox Sports

Time at UNC, what #CarolinaPanthers #JuliusPeppers means to the state both on and off the field.

Outdated dating traditions that died with social media’s evolution

And the one album that defines hip hop and would give to her future kids.

And more.



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Kyle Harvey is a writer, producer and the current managing editor of The Shadow League. Host of the Points On The Board podcast, and a proudly washed college athlete, Harvey had previous stints at Slant News, The Bleacher Report, NBC News, and theGrio. Originally from Wilmington, DE, Harvey graduated from North Carolina A&T State University.