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John Wall Proves and Disproves the Validity of the Tattoo Stigma


It’s nearing July, meaning we don’t have too much to talk about, so

While You Were Working: Vladimir Putin Offered Robert Kraft A New Super Bowl Ring


Vladimir Putin offers to buy a new ring for Patriots owner Robert Kraft after saying he doesn't remembe

Kobe Leaves Himself Off Of His Own All-Time Top Five


Not one to stay out of the spotlight too long, Kobe Bryant, did something that sure to surprise people. When asked who is in his all-time top five, he didn’t include himself. Raise your hand if you saw that coming. Exactly.

In a recen

Miami Heat Fans Don’t Deserve LeBron James


Miami sports fans don't deserve LeBron James.

They really don't.

To call them fair weather, quite frankly, would be an insult to fans that only show up when their team wins.


It’s Time For LeBron To Channel His Inner Charles Barkley


Remember that indelible image of Magic Johnson, in his final postseason, grabbing a rebound against Portland near the end of game and immediately tossing the ball in the air so that the final two or three seconds ticked away? Of course you do, beca

Dez Bryant’s Mischievous Reputation Is A Little Exaggerated


Reality is perception. On Tuesday, NFL Networks' Jamie Dukes discussed the reality of Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant. During his first three years in the league, he's had his fair share of minor run-ins with the law. Nothing too

While You Were Working: Roy Hibbert Set The Tone For Game 2


Roy Hibbert doesn't like the way Shane Battier played during Game 1, accusing hi

NBA Playoffs Greatest Moments: Starks to the Rack


May 25, 1993 - It was the annual Knicks-Bulls battle. Game 2 of the '93 Conference Finals, to be exact. And as always, it was a tight affair going into the final minute; Knicks up three.  However, the game was decided when

While You Were Working: Phil Jackson Compared Kobe and MJ


Phil Jackson compares how Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan treated teammates.

Kevin Durant Better Get Ready For The Guillotine


At this point, it’s best if we just start an official countdown. We’re not at 3…2…1 territory yet, but we are moving in that direction. The “Kevin Durant is the new punching bag” narrative is on the way. The ha