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NFL Owners Don’t Want “The Inmates Running The Prison”


About a month ago, after Donald Trump went on his bizarre, un-presidential diatribe about NFL players taking a knee and protesting during the national anthem by calling them sons of bitches, league owners came together to stand arm-in-arm, with som

LeBron James Stars On GQ Cover And Pulls No Punches In Interview


LeBron has been doing some amazing things this past year.

He announced that he's founding a school next year, he's given lots of money to charity, he's launched successful media ventures and

Title IX’s 45th Anniversary: Why We Still Need It


When you think of Title IX, what comes to mind? Is it young female college athletes or do you think of colleges ensuring that sexual assault victims on campus receive due process of law? 

 Do you think of adolescent girls not having

Scott Walker’s Tone-Deaf Tweet Is Disrespectful 


The ongoing politicization of professional sports has seen overtures from players and owners on both the conservative and progressives sides of the spectrum. Oftentimes, player political actions have fallen on the progressive side while ownership

LeBron James Is More Than SI’s Sportsperson Of The Year


LeBron James is not one to wade easily into controversy. James has not been the most vocal supporter of mainstream social justice movements. Not only has he been criticized for what he doesnt say, but also for what he does say.

In Septemb

How To Game The System – Part II


This is Part II of our project that examines how utilizing both education and alternative sports can benefit underserved youth. You can

Moving The Goalposts


U.S. presidents have historically taken a healthy interest in sports and recreation. Through time, their play, their fandom, or their encouragement have shaped their constituents outlook on the role of sport in society.

The example of Tedd

Dr. Harry Edwards’ Sports And Sociology Class Is In Session


Throughout his 73 years (and counting), Dr. Harry Edwards has experienced both the joys of the American dream and the bitterness of the American nightmare.

His rsum reads like a New York Times bestseller. As a star athlete at East St. Loui

Maurice White’s Dream Of A Boogie Wonderland Was More Than A Fantasy


Yesterday, we learned that Maurice White, the legendary founder and leader of perhaps the greatest band in the history of music, Earth, Wind & Fire, passed away at the age of 74.

Like most home-grown 70s kids, I was an Earth, Wind & F

The Culturing Of Baseball


It has to be tough to be a traditional baseball fan these days.

Names like Molitor, Brett, and Ripken arent as synonymous as they used to be. Increasingly, fans have to get used to names such as Cabrera, Gomez, and Bautista.

If you loo