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TSL High Heat: Stephen Strasburg Gets Paid In Full…Again  


Stephen Strasburg is just 27 and hes already been in MLB for seven years. He was one of the most heavily-hyped prodigies in history when the Nationals drafted him with the first pick of the 2009 Draft.

He and his current Nats teammate Bryce H

Dusty Baker Spits Truth In The Booth, And The Politically Correct Police Want His...


Dusty Baker is old enough and has been in the game long enough to know how to avoid a loaded question. Hes also too old to give a damn about how people interpret his words when hes asked a question in an interview. He does, however, need to catch u

The Practice Of Victim Shaming


When polarizing events happen in the era of social media hot takes, the personal lives of the people involved, are often dissected.

These days, this practice is called victim-shaming.

Due to my association with many folks who are in

Starvin Marvins Sharpen Their Knives For a Cut of World Series Cake


Chicago Cubs fans are almost 100 percent willing to believe that the teams infamous and highly-publicized 107-year World Series drought could finally be coming to an end. When youre a Cubs fan you love your team because baseball is part of the fabr

Any Given Saturday: Mississippi State’s Dak Knight Rises


Without stepping on Rob Reiner’s toes, let’s just establish that Cam Newton is college football’s ghost of Mississippi.

If you believe Paul Finebaum and his army of

TSL MLB High Heat: The Birds And The Nats Are Soaring Towards A Collison 


The D.M.V. will be a baseball paradise this summer. In years past, the states of Baltimore, DC and Virginia usually simultaneously chuck their summer basketball shorts and cleats to the side and immerse themselves in a

Don’t Believe The Hype: College Football’s 2014 Lennay Kekua All-Stars


Every year, when the branches grip on leaves begin to loosen and the mercury in thermometers begins pooling at the bottom, college football ramps back up

Accompanying the crunching of tacklers and ballcarriers or galloping echoes of cleats,

The Rise and Fall of Phillies First Baseman Ryan Howard


This week’s class at the 

The Big 12 Brought A BB Gun To A Spaghetti Western Shootout


The Big 12 used to be a gridiron spaghetti western that sparked shootouts and produced national title contenders in bulk. In this new post-realignment, post-BCS world, the Big 12 is a conference of water gun-squirting, fugazi pretenders.<

Tournament Preview: Let’s Talk About SEC


After years of hogging BCS national championships, SEC basketball programs have been collecting cobwebs and this season was their comeuppance. The top team in the conference is No. 1 in the nation and the rest are unranked in the latest Ap Top