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Post-Racial Florida Gulf Coast Hits Georgetown With Some Bizarro Hoya Paranoia


Florida Gulf Coast flipped the entire landscape of the NCAA tournament with its 78-68 win against Georgetown. The score doesn’t really begin to tell the story, unless you consider what second-seeded Georgetown is in this game and the fact t

Fightin’ Words: That Little Pacers-Warriors’ Scrap Was A Scuffle, Not A Brawl


NBA scuffles, fights, brawls—however you choose to phrase each particular incident— aren’t as popping as they used to be. Nobody really gets into it anymore. The

LeBron James Is An Alien


The zone. You’ve heard of it before, right? Sleepy Floyd once scored 29 points in the second quarter of a playoff game.

‘Open Court’ Goes Open Season on Race And The NBA


Open Court on NBA TV is always good for a look into the world of basketball from the eyes of the players. But the latest episode on Black History Month takes the candor to another level.  I was very impressed with how the g

The Indiana Pacers Don’t Give A Crap About The Heat, Or Any Team For...


It started with Lance Stephenson’s “choke” gesture.  Actually, it started about a minute before that, when Danny Granger tugged on Superman’s cape. During Game

Is Dwight Howard Man Enough to Remain A Laker?


Prior to last night’s matchup between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat, Dwight Howard, recently named to the All-Star Team (his first in the Western Conference), spoke candidly on a subject that has become all too familiar: pressur

Weekend in Tweets: 12.10.12


Juan Manuel Marquez landed the 2012 equivalent of “the shot heard round the world” on Manny Pacquiao. Johnny Manizel became the first freshman to win the Heisman,

Barkley Chucking The Deuces On TNT?


The Chuckster may be done. That’s right, TNT’s Inside The NBA crew could be getting a facelift soon. The used-to-be Round Mound of Rebound, Charles Barkley, is considering not finishing out his contract. In an exclusive inter

Your Weekend In Tweets: 10.22.12 Edition


Your weekend in tweets: 10-22-2012 We saw a civil rights legend bust out the Gangnam style, found out Lil Wayne has officially cheered for every sports team in America, Texans reclaim their number one spot and Saints find yet another way to cheat

Deion Sanders Interviewed For Several Power 5 Gigs | “I Was So Darn Good...

The college football world saw all of the reports about Power 5 Schools trying to disrupt Deion Sanders’ HBCU flow by offering him interview...