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Bills Owner Says Player Protest Is Bad For Business, Wants Compromise


When Donald Trumpmade his statement about NFL players being "sons of bitches" for utilizing their constitutional rights to

Bill Polian Contradicts Himself in Assessing Lamar Jackson


Will somebody please stop asking Bill Polian questions about black quarterbacks? Pretty please?

Jacksonville Jaguars Couldn’t Talk A Super Bowl Into Existence


Martin Luther King Would Applaud NFL Head Coaching Diversity


When the great Civil Rights leader and humanitarian Martin Luther King was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee in 1968, Fritz Pollard was still the only minority head coach in NFL history and that was in the 1920s, in the early years of pro football

Cam Newton and Tyrod Taylor Are Black On The Attack


Cam Newton and

Five Things Black NFL Fans Want For Christmas


The Black folks that I talk to in the barbershops, on social media and on the corner by the bodega, are all hoping that Diddy can buy the Carolina Panthers and

Tom Brady And Jay Cutler Body Swap On Monday Night


We have truly become prisoners of the moment. Those who give Jay Cutler some special props for winning an NFL game on Monday night against a Patriots team that was very due for a loss are the same crazies suggesting that one bad game in which Tom B

Trump Is Now Trying To Punk The NFL With His Ignorance


Donald Trump is back at it again.

Tuesdays used to be for new music, but with the evolution of social media and the rise of Trump, it has apparently become his day for directing his ignorant Twitter venom at either one of his existing targets

Senatorial Candidate Clowns NFL Protesters via Troll-Bait FB Page


Right now there's a bit of a blowup occurring over some offensive things being posted on the Facebook page of Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore. Indeed, there's nothing new to see here. After all, Roy Moore literally gave birth to the birther mov