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Good Morning: Peyton Manning Tells Haters To Shove It


Peyton Manning threw for 397 yards and four scores in Denver's 51-28 win over Tennessee. He had this to say to critics who claim he can't perform in the

Any Given Saturday, Week 14: Not All Rivals Will Settle Their Beef On Turkey...


Thanksgiving weekend presents a strange dichotomy. One second you’re huddled with your fam, and the next conflict has erupted over football allegiances. At least when it comes to pro football, families from the same city or state have just on

Will Muschamp Looks Homesick At Florida


There are two types of upsets. There's the type that garners the victor national attention and the type that results in infamy for the loser. Georgia Southern's win over Florida was the latter.

Down in Georgia, there is a bit of a b

The NCAA’s Problems Are America’s Problems, Too


If the allegations made by Sports Illustrated and Yahoo! Sports last week came out three years ago, fans and sports media would be up in arms, with incessant coverage about who knew what, how it went down and, most importantly, who was to

Top 25 College Football Rundown: The Tide Head To Texas


1. Alabama - The Crimson Tide took a week off ahead of their clash against Texas A&M at Kyle Field this weekend, so there's not much else to report except that AJ McCarron's girlfriend, Katherine Webb, will ap

Any Given Saturday: Week 2


Living in parts of New York City, you get accustomed to dealing with the annoyance of mice. You lay traps, don’t leave out food and pray you don’t scream in falsetto

Top 25 College Football Rundown: Alabama Reigns Supreme (Again)


The AP Poll came out after the results from Week 1 came in and were broken down by the journalists. 

1. Alabama. Of course. They dominated Virginia Tech, making the Hokies look out matched on a man-to-man basis. Though

For HBCUs, Bethune-Cookman Is The Only Contender For FCS Glory


As far as the Football Championship Subdivision playoffs go, Bethune-Cookman is the one black college with the potential to make some noise down the stretch in 2013.

Last season the Wildcats took a pretty decent swing at it, but came up sho

While You Were Working: NFL Players Agreed To Give Up Blood For HGH Screening


The NFL and NFLPA agreed that players will give up blood samples during training camp physicals to determine a threshold for positive H

While You Were Working: Serena Williams Was Kicking Ass And Taking Names


Serena Williams just turned in a ridiculous 6-0, 6-1 beatdown of No. 5 seed Sara Errani in the s