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Trump Came For The Sports World So LeBron Claps Back With “U Bum”


Trump has been agitating and attacking people ever since Twitter was created, whether it be President Obama, foreign countries or individual people. But in the last two days, Trump took it to another level when

Randy Moss Is Gearing Up For His Impending Hall Of Fame Induction


Only one wide receiver in NFL history has been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility. 

Even if your knowledge of the game is on par with league commissioner Roger Goodell, who recently claimed that

Game Of Thrones: The Black Barbershop Breakdown


A new topic of conversation has emerged in the barbershop and other sacred places where we gather to talk about things from our own unique perspective, places where we are historically free to express ourselves, from our own cultural vantage po

Nas To Sling Kneeling Santa Sweaters Soon


Nas' ability to seek out business deals that are in line with his personal beliefs have to be applauded.  

Never one to mute his view of the world, he recently announced he would be selling a line of kneeling Santa Christmas sweaters, a

Bill Rhoden Speaks With The Shadow League And Dreams A World Anew


Former New York Times columnist William C. Rhoden connects the dots from slavery, where black athletes were forced into sports as a diversion to quell revolutionary stirrings, to them being exploited in today's corporate market place in his book

Dabo Swinney Paints An American Picture That Doesn’t Exist


Clemson Football coach Dabo Swinney said he would not discipline a Clemson player for protesting the national anthem because they have that right. But he went on to say yesterday he disagrees with Kaepernick's actions because it creates divisi

“Baseball is a White Man’s Sport” According to Adam Jones


Adam Jones just opened up a Pandora's Box, and he's not afraid to do it.

Good Morning: Dwyane Wade And The Heat Cartwheeled Over The Suns

The Miami Heat took videobombing to new heights after their win over the Suns.