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What Ye Calls Free Thinking Goes By Another Name


Once upon a time, it was believed that Kanye West was the ultimate troll and couldn't possibly believe the things that were coming out of his

Kanye West Posts Private Text Convo With John Legend On Twitter


Kanye West has proved time and time again that he isn't one of the most predictable celebrities on the scene. Hes flipped on President Bush and interrupted Taylor Swifts acceptance speech at The MTV Video Music Awards back in 2009. His rants are en

What We Learned From Killer Mike’s NRA TV Appearance


Killer Mike, a brother who has grown from simply being a music artist into something of a hood political pundit, got played by the NRA over the weekend and recently

Diddy And Steph Curry Join Ownership Group To Buy Carolina Panthers


P. Diddy has a strange way of speaking things into existence. Three months after he made his desires to be invo

Self-Destructive NFL Owners Rejuvenate Colin Kaepernick’s Movement


The Super Bowl just ended last month and already NFL owners are back on that bull crap. First reports surface that the Houston

Jemele Hill Shines And Shuts Down Haters On The View


Jemele has been on a whirlwind adventure and her notoriety -- whether good or bad -- has increased exponentially ever since

Gregg Popovich: LaVar Ball’s “Just Another Fan In The Peanut Gallery”


Gregg Popovich has been vocal about his feelings on all of the hot-button topics of the past year, fro

Colin Kaepernick Has Been Named GQ’S Citizen Of The Year


Colin Kaepernick has been in the sports, and national, headlines for over a year now, being both loved and hated by millions.