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The Incredible Life and Trying Basketball Times of Kobe Bryant (Pt. 2)


In 2003, Kobe Bryant was going through a myriad of issues off the court. There was talk of his jealousy toward teammates, talk of a feud between Bryant and soon to be former head coach Phil Jackson, and the Los Angeles Lakers were unknowingly about

Kobe Bryant Rusty In Return


Have you seen some of these YouTube videos applauding the return of Kobe Bryant? The fandom is of cult-like proportions. One would think a messianic figure had returned, and one just might be right - from a basketball perspective.

Kobe’s High-Priced Re-Up Is Just Part of Future Melo-Drama


I turned the TV off late Monday night with the NY Knicks getting smashed by the Portland Trailblazers 44-22 with about 7:00 left in the second quarter. Carmelo Anthony turned off thoughts of his Knicks future sometime around training camp. Then, he

Carmelo Anthony Told JR Smith To Grow Up


If you are remotely familiar with the NBA, you're probably well aware that JR Smith falls under the "knucklehad" category. That's only a partial knock on his play; when JR is on, he's on, but he doesn't always know if he&#

Money Mayweather Beat The System


The first thing out of Money Mayweather's mouth in Showtime's All Access series was, “I need a new Rolex,” as he and The Money Team perused new jewelry before the Mayweather-Alvarez press tour kicked into high gear. The

Memphis is Just Good Enough To Be Great  


Scroll through the list of NBA champions dating back to the 1946-47 season and you won’t find a squad that doesn’t have at least one Top 10 court-wrecker on it – excep

Tony Parker’s San Antonio Spurs Eliminate The “All-Justin Timberlake” Team


The Lakers began this season with an All-Star offense. After a slew of injuries decimated their rotation, the Los Angeles Lakers entered Sunday’s Game 4 as the All-Justi

The Spurs Title Hopes Will Sink If Manu Can’t Swim


I’m worried about Manu Ginobili. At 35, his injury history is extensive enough to be available on Google Books. Since