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The Phoenix Suns Are Sending Eric Bledsoe To The Milwaukee Bucks


Twitter has created many bad situations for many people. From inappropriate pictures and language to false accusations and straight up lies, tweeting can lead to bad things. Eric Bledsoe of the Phoenix learned that lesson the hard way when a few wo

2017-2018 NBA Eastern Conference Preview


The 72nd NBA season tips off tonight with a prime time doubleheader on TNT featuring four teams with some of the league's most captivating storylines.

In the opener, Boston will visit Cleveland as 2017 All-Stars Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irvi

The 2017 NBA Finals Are Gonna Be Bananas


The formalities have all been sorted out. It's time to get down to what we knew was coming all along. Yes, some patience needed to be exercised throughout the regular season, and we had some pretty cool detours thanks to guys like Russell Westbrook

Scott Walker’s Tone-Deaf Tweet Is Disrespectful 


The ongoing politicization of professional sports has seen overtures from players and owners on both the conservative and progressives sides of the spectrum. Oftentimes, player political actions have fallen on the progressive side while ownership

TSL 2017 Opening Round NBA Playoffs Preview


With the NBA regular season in the books and the 2017 Playoffs ready to tip off this weekend, we've assembled our team of hoops experts, Amaar Abdul-Nasir,

Anthony “Avis” Sets All-Star Game Scoring Record With 52 Points


Normally, the NBA All-Star Game is a glorified exhibition by the world's best players, up until the fourth quarter, when things begin to get serious and a competitive spirit takes over down the home stretch.

This year's game in New Orleans de

NBA Mid-Season Awards


We've reached the NBA's mid-season mark and it's time to start taking stock of what we've seen thus far. 

The Top Four

The best teams thus far, in order, have been the Warriors, Spurs, Cavs and the Rockets. No real

Martin Luther King Day Is An NBA Holiday


Today's national holiday in celebration of Martin Luther King has developed into one of the greatest days for an NBA fan. 

While the majority of the country is home in reflection of King's activism, leadership, life and sacrifice, the NB

The NBA’s Young Foreign Takeover


Back in the day, the future of the NBA could be found on America's inner city playgrounds. As a kid growing up in New York City, I could simply hop on the subway and catch a slew of future college Hall of Famers and impactful pros at various high s

Five Things You’ll Miss After Leaving Your HBCU


College is often referred to as the golden years, but that mantra takes on a whole new meaning for HBCU graduates. HBCU culture resonates with its alumni because it can be such a transformative and enlightening experience.

Historically Black