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Damian Lillard And CJ McCollum Are Blazing Towards The Future


When discussing current NBA backcourts, thoughts immediately turn to the Splash brothers, and rightfully so. Steph Curry and Klay Thompson are NBA Champions and two of the best guards in the game, especially when it comes to scoring and the art of

Kevin Durant Is Looking Playoff Ready


Golden State had the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference locked up awhile ago. And they have been gunning for a return to the Finals since blowing it against Cleveland in 2016 and

Russell Westbrook’s Triple-Double MVP Sitcom Rules


The NBA community, which is increasingly changing and becoming less informed about how basketball works, has already decided that the two leading MVP candidates are Russell Westbrook and James Harden. This is mainly due to their statistics and how

Kevin Durant Making Good Progress


Sports cable news reports say that Kevin Durant is making great progress as he attempts to return from a hyperextended kn

James Harden Says MVP’s Don’t Rest 


James Harden is nursing a wrist injury and probably could use some time off before the playoffs. You could see him wincing and favoring it during Tuesday's game while struggling through some inconsistent shooting despite scoring 32 points. However,

The Extent of Kevin Durant’s Knee Injury Has Huge Ramifications


Kevin Durant knows what its like to have a career-altering injury. He played just 27 games in the 2014-15 season for OKC battling injuries to his ankles, feet and toes. Im sure he just never expected to be facing the possibility of having his seaso

My 2001 All-Star Adventure


October 9th, 2000, I was on a New Jersey Transit train to Penn Station en route to Olympic Tower in midtown Manhattan as a Team Sites Editor with NBA.com.  It was also Columbus Day and welcoming me out of the subway was a parade.  For

Players And Coaches Stay Conscious At All-Star Media Day 


At All-Star media day on Friday in New Orleans the theme among players and coaches seemed to be to stay conscious, care and use your platform to speak out against injustice and speak up for the disenfranchised.

Prominent NBA superstars were

Steve Kerr Calls Donald Trump Immigration Ban ‘Horrible Idea’ 


Warriors head coach Steve Kerr has become the latest to speak out against the Donald Trump regime.

After "President" Trump signed an executive order Saturday halting the entry of refugees from seven prominently Muslim countries (Ir

Russell Westbrook Ain’t Feeling The Bully Tactics, Promises To Bring The Ruckus


Russell Westbrook is not the type of dude to walk around talking tough. He rarely, if ever, lets loose on whatever makes him frustrated or angry. He'll display the fiery persona on court, but he's a relatively closed book when it comes to talking a