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While You Were Working: 12.11.12


LeBron James defended Dwyane Wade yesterday, telling Charles Barley to “shut up.” Barkley made comments on

Gun Control Is The New Civil Rights


“From my cold, dead hands”––Charlton Heston (actor, former president of the NRA)


You remember that quote right? While speaking at a NRA

The Nickel: Week 13


Basketball Is Basketball…I Guess


You can blame the spankin’ new deal between the NBA and YouTube on Jeremy Lin and all

Any Given Saturday: Week 13 Recap


After a weekend of madness, college football went chalk this Saturday.


With potential upsets hovering over the premier BCS-altering games, everything went according to plan. Georgia and Alabama, two teams that will meet i

Marvin Lewis Is Straight-Up Teflon

Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis is a Houdini of sorts. In his 10 years as head coach, Lewis has a losing record of 74-79-1,...

NFL Still Sour On The Little Homies


Conqueror Napoleon. Actor Danny Devito. Porn Star

TSL’s 5-On-5: But Can He Coach, Though?


Coach firings and hirings have driven the NBA news cycle for the past few days. We dig in...

QUESTION 1: What separates a good (or even really good) coach from a "championship-caliber" coach?<

Any Given Saturday: Week 10


If Les Miles truly wants to exemplify his genius, he will accidentally leave the lock off Mike the Tiger’s

The Nickel: Week 8



(Editor's note: Thank you, NFC East, for being schizo; and thank you, Atlanta, for being such a "mehhh" undefeated squad -- no one can get a handle on this season. AP and Manning have a handle on theirs, though.