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Game Of Thrones: The Season Finale Black Barbershop Breakdown


A new topic of conversation has emerged in the barbershop and other sacred places where we gather to talk about things from our own unique perspective, places where we are historically free to express ourselves, from our own cultural vantage po

“The Message” Turns 35 And Remains Hip-Hop’s Premier Social Commentary


Hip-Hop has always maintained a strong connection with both the streets and the social issues plaguing the urban communities which give birth to the the genre's stars.

Over the last three decades, we have been gifted with lyrical descriptions

The Chris Paul And James Harden Duo Will Be Among The League’s Best Ever


When Kevin Durant altered the NBA's balance of power with his performance this year as a member of the world champion Warriors, many wondered what the serious contenders - Cleveland, Houston, San Antonio and Boston - would do via trades and free ag

Is Commissioner Adam Silver Looking To Kill Parity In The NBA?


The discussion around the NBA super team has never been as hot as it has been since Golden State first signed Kevin D

Splash Brothers Return To Wet Cleveland In Game 2 of NBA Finals


Paul Pierce said it best after Golden State took a 2-0 NBA Finals lead over King James Cavs by stomping them out 132-113 on Sunday night: This could be the start of something special for the next two or three years.

Pierce is another former p

Kevin Durant Bum Rushes The Show In Game 1 Of NBA Finals


Theres still six more games scheduled, but in Game 1 of the 2017 NBA Finals Golden State picked up where it left off before Draymond Green

The 2017 NBA Finals Are Gonna Be Bananas


The formalities have all been sorted out. It's time to get down to what we knew was coming all along. Yes, some patience needed to be exercised throughout the regular season, and we had some pretty cool detours thanks to guys like Russell Westbrook

Watch Dr. J Take The Stage For The Latest NBA Finals Spot


Is there anyone cooler than Dr. J? Ummmm....No. 

Decades after his last game in the League, Dr. J remains the embodiment of smooth and cool. He is still recognized as one of the greatest and most influential players ever to touch a baske

Avery Bradley Brings Experience And Tenacity To Tonight’s Game 7 


There's nothing more exciting for a sports fan than a postseason Game 7.

If you're one of these nincompoops going on about how weak this year's NBA Playoffs are, with Golden State and Cleveland destined to meet for a third straight Finals ru

Breaking Down The Definition Of An NBA Big Three Versus Super Teams


There has been endless debate about the NBAs all-time Big Three combinations. Since LeBron James has stormed the NBA and helped raise its marketability while changing the culture of competition, the term Super Team has emerged and nobody seems to h