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Richard Sherman and Demaryius Thomas: Two Sides of the Same Coin



Historically, an outspoken black man has been marginalized and frowned upon in the United States. The country would rather us be docile, quiet and simply happy to be living in “the greatest countr

Melo Sets MSG Scoring Record, Bombing The Bobcats For 62 Points


Seems like the basketball gods needed a change so they benched Kevin Dura

Russell Wilson Is Still Living MLK’s Dream


When Dr. King was marching on Washington and getting arrested for peaceful protests, sit-ins and non-violent demonstrations, he wasn’t doing it to get his own reality show or be the rave of social medi

Dear Dr. King


Dear Dr. King,

Your national day of recognition is upon us. People are already planning their extended weekend as flyers with you adorned in pimp wear and gold chains circulate the Internet. Many of them are funny, but all are disrespe

TSL Top Ten: The George Zimmerman Verdict Rocks Race In America – #7


The tragic shooting of 17-year-old African American Trayvon Martin by 28-year-old George Zimmerman, a man of mixed race (White and Hispanic), while Martin was on his way home from a Sanford, Florida 7-11

SCREEN TIME: Forest Whitaker


Forest Steven Whitaker has proven himself to be one of today’s greatest actors. Quiet and soft-spoken, from the mo

Dolphins Fall Without Gentle Jonathan and N-Word Crusader Incognito


The Jonathan Martin bullying fiasco and Richie Icognito drama has now turned into a mini-series. Legal action by Martin expected to draw this situation out past his relevance to the team and the city of Miami. The clai

Aldon Smith Charged With Felony Weapons Charges


Legal concerns are mounting for San Francisco 49ers Linebacker Aldon Smith. Right after being put on indefinite leave for a DUI arrest, NBC has reported that Smith will be facing felony weapons charges from a June 2012 shooting .


What About Bob? 


If you’ve taken a trip to certain Caribbean islands, as soon as you hop off the plane somebody is trying to sell you some ganja. 

Sure, the initial toke is heavenly. You got your head right and are enjoying your trip, but everywh

Talking ‘Bout A Revolution: Millennials Must Embody The March On Washington


The March on Washington occurred 50 years ago as a stand against racial inequalities in the United States, culminating in one of the most important speeches in American history: Dr. Martin Luther King's “I Have A Dream.”