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Newsflash: Black Men Have Taken Over Bodybuilding


The movie that changed everything for the niche culture of bodybuilding was aptly titled, “Pumping Iron.” In the groundbreaking documentary, shot during the 100 days leading up

Black History Month: The Basketball Difference-Maker, Don Barksdale


2013 marks the 60th anniversary of the first time an African-American player played in the NBA All-Star game, but judging by the recent festivities in Houston, you would never know it. The forgotten All-Star player who blazed a trail for Dr. J, K

TSL 5-On-5: Houston Is Taking Off


Kobe found his stroke from long-range against Dallas. He was 4-5 from 3PT. Prior to that he was like 0 for a gazillion. Were you ever worried?

: Kobe is a classic gunner, but when he goes out of the mode

NASCAR’S Hopeless Pursuit of Diversity


Picture this: 1963 at Speedway Park, a one-mile dirt track in Jacksonville, Florida where stock car racers like Coo Coo Marlin, Earl Brooks, Fireball Roberts, Ralph Earnhardt and Glen Wood all cemented their legend behind the wheel. Wendel

Good Morning: ‘Bron and Wade Keep Acting Like It’s Still The All-Star Game


The Miami Heat destroyed the Chicago Bulls last night, with Wade – in his new

Kyrie Irving And The Death Of The Ghetto Superstar


While Black America debates whether or not we are “post” anything—black/bougie/modern/racial—what’s not up for discussion is whether or not we are post-ghetto. That answer is a resounding “HELL NO.” That

While You Were Working: 2.20.13


The Oscar Pistorius case is only going to get more interesting from here. In the second day of his bail hearing for allegedly gunning down his girlfriend in cold blood, Pistorius' defense team had the lead investigating officer stumbling over

Good Morning: 2.14.12


The end of the Big East, as we know it, is coming soon. Last night, Uconn and Syracuse played for the last time in the conference – the two don't have any scheduled games in the future, for now – with the Huskies prevailing over N

Black History Month: Black and Blue


Charlie Scott, a New York playground legend is possibly one of the greatest to ever come out of Rucker Park. Once credited by Tiny Archibald with ‘inventing the crossover’, Scott was a baller’s baller. In 1966, legendary head co