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Please Jam: There’ll Never Be An Era As Great As The ’90s


(Editors' note: Earlier this month, in honor of Black Music Month, EIC Vince Thomas and associate editor James Carr decided to flip thr script with Please Jam and, instead of James' sending Vince new tracks to listen to, Vince would dig

D’Angelo Is Really Back – I Saw It With My Own Eyes


D’Angelo made what is, quite possibly, the best album of my adult-life. When Voodoo dropped in 2000, it split my head open. Black music had a remarkable (and sinisterly slept-on) run from about 1998 through 2002. But of all those c

Reminiscing On Thanksgiving Day NFL


Hoods from Hollis to Hollywood equate Thanksgiving with food and football. It starts with a chomp of turkey, a slurp of cranberry and a sip of the chosen 1...567Page 7 of 7