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The 68 Man March: Wichita State Speedcubers Have College Hoops Figured Out


During the second half of Wednesday night’s showdown between Arizona and Cal, ESPN’s Bill Walton waxed grandiloquently about a student he’d met on Cal’s campus that could solve a rubik’s cube in under a minute. These p

The 68 Man March: Boston College Squeezed Orangemen Into Orange Juice


From the top of the bracket to the bottom of the bubble watch, we break down the final push for placement into the 68-team men’s March Madness tournament.

Good Morning: Dream’s Over, Pittsburgh


Adam Wainwright pitched a complete game to end the Pittsburgh PIrates' World Series dream with a 6-1 victory. The Cards will meet t

Full Court Press: Duke’s Pimp Hand Stays Strong


For the renewal of its classic rivalry, North Carolina and Duke failed to deliver a classic, but there were plenty of quirks and panic-mode moments to pave the way for Blue Devil bragging rights and Tar Heel travel plans.

As is tradition

The TSL College Football Preview: SEC Superiority, “Denard or Barkley?”, Pay for Play


If it doesn't yet feel like Groundhog Day, it's because you're vulnerable – we all are.

We are all victims of our own self-perpetuating belief in the possible, even if those possibilities do not exist. We don't get