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David Stern Should Make Michael Jordan The New Logo


This weekend, NBA commissioner David Stern will preside over his final All-Star weekend, in Houston. For sure, there will be a nice sendoff, a tribute to the man that has headed the Association for almost 30 years.

Many will talk about a

LeBron James Has Figured Out How To “Bill Russell” The NBA 


Of all of the playoff records that LeBron James has broken over the past few seasons, the most impressive one has got to be his

Black Players Can’t Let Knicks Owner James Dolan Slide


The scene at Madison Square Garden Wednesday should never be forgotten.

Charles Oakley, a fan favorite in New York for diving on the floor for loose balls, was turned into a million-dollar mop on that same floor.

Knicks' owner James

2016-17 NBA Preview: The Warriors Rule The Pacific, Can You Dig It? 


As we approach the opening tip of the 2016-17 NBA regular season, The Shadow League looks at every one of the leagues six divisions and the players who will make this year an unforgettable one. Today, we examine what's soon to be popping in the div

Lakers Get Backed Into A Corner, Retaliate


The black mamba is one of the most venomous snakes in the world. It has no natural predator and when cornered will strike repeatedly.

Last night, the New Orleans Hornets found themselves in the unenviable position standing over a battere

It’s Not Your Grandpa’s Game Anymore



They are to basketball players like sprinkles are to ice cream sundaes. They define the players that inhibit their places, their spots on the floor. The attributes of who and how a position is filled on the basketball co